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Josie wipes her eyes and tells him that, over the past few months, things between her and her mom have been bad.
Rick's father looks very disappointed.
Assuming it's his father and step-mom, he makes a face and turns to leave when, suddenly, he hears his step-sister's voice.What Happened To My Sister, brother comes home from trip TO discover step-sister IS fucking DAD.Mildly concerned, he walks through the house until he starts to hear sounds coming from his father's bedroom.After giving the address and setting off, Rick and the driver small talk about his trip along the way: places he went, things he saw, and where he's headed now - back home to his family before starting a job at his father's company.Finally, it got to a point where Josie was so angry, she decided to just.'Does it have anything to do with the fact you're fucking my little sister?' He yells, standing.He spies on them for a few moments, trying to take it all in, when suddenly Josie makes eye contact with him.He has just arrived home from a trip across pokies slot machine plugin the US to 'discover himself as his father (Steve Holmes) puts.Josie takes out some napkins and unfolds one in her step-father's lap, her fingers grazing his crotch, which makes Rick snap.They love each other!When he enters his home, he is surprised to find it empty.

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He is holding the gift bag which he gently rests on the dresser.
But, instead of reacting, Josie just keeps getting fucked until Rick feels so uncomfortable that he turns away and storms out of the hallway.
The taxi driver says that it's always good to be a big brother while Rick stares off into the distance.I didn't think she'd actually leave us she replies.'Where's Deena?' he asks again accusingly.How could she destroy their family like that?They both agreed to wait until she was a grown woman.Josie shakes her head.Josie begs him to sit down.

'Are you fucking kidding me?