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Poke con quest walkthrough

poke con quest walkthrough

You will be given an option to further examine the sudden turn of events by doing the following: With an Intelligence of 6, you can question why Orris fired three shots from his gun while there were four thugs present.
If you agree that you are a citizen, they will administer a quick test to "verify your citizenship status." The three questions are as follows: Question 1 - Who is the most popular NCR President of all time?
The King's favor Edit For all of your deeds, The King will offer you one favor from him.Another Option: The missionaries carry a note that you can steal without karma loss to pass this part of the quest.Claim your 7 day free access.Follow him till a suspicious ambush.21st January 2018, 10:23 #1591, re: Games Hentai / Adult by Dens007.Immediately turn right then left.POV type Sex simulation game she who is sekusaroido, that, were listless early afternoons, while being puzzled over a sudden encounter.If you use turbo as Orris runs ahead, you can watch the thugs 'die'.

Still, when you hire him the second time, he will lead you to the final ambush, though this time the four dead thugs won't help him.
Return to The King with this new piece of information.
They are located in the Old Mormon Fort, currently recovering from the attack.
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