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Lincoln assassination was still too soon for his audience (to the point that after a while the words "See?
Clamp has stated in interviews that they did not believe that they would be able to get the planned ending published at the time and that they have not abandoned.
This was done due to the tornado disasters in the midwest that occurred during this time period.
However, this was only a momentary dip at best, as the song still spent a monstrous seven weeks at #1.
Another Simpsons example: in the UK, Channel 4 received complaints after airing the Season 4 episode "A Streetcar Named Marge" (where Marge stars as Blanche DuBois in the musical version of " A Streetcar Named Desire " after the director sees how depressed and beleaguered.He seems to have a bad habit of this.One of the reasons why Blue Comet SPT Layzner was cancelled was how the second part games in casino paradise goa of the series had Earth conquered and oppressed by a tyrannical and virulently racist Empire.Coppelion, had both the original manga and its anime adaptation put on hold because its plot was initiated by a nuclear reactor exploding due to an earthquake destroying its cooling system and rendering Tokyo almost uninhabitable for more than 20 years.Theatre The Athenian playwright Phrynichus' (now lost) play The Capture of Miletus was produced around 511 BC, soon after the Persian conquest described in the play, and since Miletus was a colony of Athens, this play was deemed to be too soon.An In-Universe example can happen in Dishonored.Trouble was, Berlyn debuted shortly around the time of Columbine, and his attire (specifically, his ring jacket apparently drew too many comparisons to the killers.The fourth season of the Total Drama series, Revenge of the Island takes place on a polluted Camp Wawanakwa that has become a toxic dumping ground since the events of Total Drama Island, resulting in many unsightly mutations of the island wildlife whom the contestants.In-universe example in an ad for the 2017 NBA Finals that cross-promoted Spider-Man: Homecoming : Happy Hogan is going over a list of guests for Tony Stark's NBA Finals party, Tony's.R.I.D.A.Y asks, "Question: Captain Steve Rogers?" Happy answers, "Too soon." Anime and Manga.Future airings, as well as those pokemon poke pelago overseas, replaced it with real casino online 7 euro gratis him saying that he shares his birthday with Lassie the Dog on July 15th.Missing Episode (if it's scheduled to air around the time of the tragedy, but has to be replaced with a rerun or another episode).

Banned Episode (if it aired previously and now has to be shelved until the tragedy dies down, though, in some cases, like the.
(Of course, WWE could have easily made this both funny and only quasi-offensive by lampshading the taboo: "If you think we're going to make a joke about this, you're nuts!
Annoyed by the show's cancellation, Spike Milligan re-submitted the script under a new title, "The Hastings Flyer Robbed and this version was duly recorded and broadcast five weeks later.Originally, the episode "Stop Or My Dog Will Shoot" was scheduled to air on April 26, 2007.He then claimed that due to plastic surgery, he was back and would change Jack in the Box.Hot off the heels of the Steve Irwin tragedy, during a September 2006 segment of Matt Striker's classroom, he praised his intelligence and remarked that people would never see him swimming with stingrays.Subverted in The Nostalgia Critic 's review of Blank Check.(Eno was fond of Gallows Humor and Black Comedy at the time.) The record company made him change it, though they somehow found a song about burning airlines acceptable.After the shuttle exploded, Jarre wanted to cancel the entire concert, feeling that it was Too Soon, but nasa and McNair's friends and relatives convinced him to carry on and also make the concert a Memorial for the victims of the disaster.After the Virginia Tech shooting, many colleges cracked down on the game Humans.

With WWE trying to paint themselves as a family-friendly program, and with Linda McMahon running for Senate, WWE fired.W.